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Professional Portrait photography is becoming a must have in the Corporate world.


There are millions of auto photo links on social media sites. It’s not unusual to find a photo of yourself on a social web site, posted without your knowledge, and even worse, it’s a really poor photo, over exposed, out of focus, and you’re not looking your best!! 


In your social and business life it’s great to have a professional photo at the ready, for print or digital. It’s your photograph,  one you are 100% comfortable with, for media, magazines, newspapers, television and PR.


Clients often request a home or office visit, or if more convenient my studio is in Putney, London SW15 6XP.


Please consider how you wish to look. Perhaps invite a makeup stylist to attend or plan for a recent hair appointment.


During the session we can discuss your thoughts around style and effect. I'll send a dozen or so pictures for you to choose your favourites. Following post production you can download and store. It really is this easy. My clients really do welcome a non invasive process. I hope you will.  


Please call me with any questions, and many thanks for viewing my website


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